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Funding for Preservation

Experimental Television Center:
Dedicated to the ongoing survival and continuing growth of the field of electronic media art, the Experimental Television Center offers support to artists via residencies, grants, and information sharing.
The Media Arts Technical Assistance Fund:
While not specifically a media preservation fund, this program provides money to nonprofit media arts programs in New York State to develop, restructure, and expand their organizational mandates. Funds can be used for consultants, staff development, or other service-strengthening activities.
Foundation of the American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works (FAIC):
FAIC offers a number of grants and scholarships to its members in support of American Institute for Conservation activities.
Professional Development Scholarship: Scholarships for professional development for AIC members.
FAIC Angels Project: The Angel Project is a grant program that pairs conservators with collections that need archival care. It supports activities such as consultations, cataloging, and the development of storage strategies.
Workshop Grants: FAIC offers grants for members and individuals interested in conservation to attend or hold workshops around the country.
Fondation Daniel Langlois:
The Daniel Langlois Foundation for Art, Science, and Technology seeks to facilitate the meeting of art and science through the artistic use of digital technology and interdisciplinary research.
Strategic Grants for Organizations: While not directly linked to magnetic-media preservation, these grants are available for individuals working in the field of technologies that involve the continuing intersection of artistic and scientific knowledge.
Grants for Researchers in Residence: Grants for individuals to work in the Foundations collections at the Centre for Research and Documentation in Montreal.
The Research Grant Program for Individual Artists or Scientists: Guidelines for this grant program are currently being revised.
Institute of Museum and Library Services:
The Institute of Museum and Library Services offers grants to both Federal and non-Federal libraries. While grants are not awarded specifically for preservation activities, archives are eligible to apply for monies under the National Leadership Grants for Libraries program.
J. Paul Getty Trust:
Funding a number of programs focused on the visual arts, the J. Paul Getty Trust serves arts professionals and the general public. Programs include the J. Paul Getty Museum, the Conservation Institute, and the Grant Program.
Conservation Treatment Grants: The Getty offers funding to museums and nonprofit institutions in support of permanent collection conservation efforts. Eligible projects can include the hiring of consultants and additional support staff as well as implementing direct preservation strategies.
National Archives and Records Administration (NARA):
The National Archives and Records Administration is charged with providing access to documents on the rights of American citizens, the actions of federal officials, and “the national experience.”
National Historical Publications and Records Commission (NHPRC) Archival Grants: Funding from the preservation arm of NARA aims to ensure the continued preservation, public access, and use of documentation of the American experience.
National Endowment for the Arts (NEA):
An independent grant-making agency of the United States Government, the NEA’s mandate is to support the continued development of and access to American artistic expression.
Heritage and Preservation Grant: Funding specifically for the preservation of artistic artifacts of the cultural traditions of the United States. Eligible projects include cataloging and conservation of magnetic media.
National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH):
An independent grant-making agency of the United States Government, the NEH provides funding for preservation of and access to cultural resources, education, research, and public programs in the humanities.
Grants to Preserve and Create Access to Humanities Collections: Financial support for the preservation of and access to humanities collections, which may include archival materials of still and moving images as well as sound recordings.
Preservation Assistance Grants: Designed to help institutions such as libraries, museums, and archival collections preserve and care for their collections.
Preservation and Access Education and Training Grants: Funding for the care, management, and access to archival collections via education and training programs at the national or regional (multistate) level.
Preservation and Access Research and Development Grants: Research and development grants for preservation and continuing access to humanities resources. Projects that use digital technology are particularly encouraged.
National Film Preservation Foundation (NFPF):
A nonprofit organization created by the United States Congress, the NFPF is dedicated to the survival, conservation, and public availability of American films
Federally Funded Film Grants: Awards made possible by federal funding to nonprofit and public archives specifically for laboratory work in the preservation of film materials.
Partnership Grants: With resources from laboratories and post-production houses that have donated their services to the NFPF, nonprofit and public archives can further their film preservation work.
Avant-Garde Masters Grant: This grant provides support for a individual filmmakers or cinematic movements that have been pivotal in the American avant-garde film scene. Applicants must provide proof of significance to experimental film and reasons why they need preservation services. Works made within the last twenty years are not eligible.
The National Television and Video Preservation Foundation (NTVPF):
The NTVPF is an independent, nonprofit grant-making organization dedicated to the preservation of and access to television and video projects in the United States. The foundation awards grants to individual public and nonprofit archives that currently consist of preservation services donated by commercial video and audio facilities, storage companies, consultants, and film laboratories: grant guidelines. The site includes links to preservation resources for television and video, definitions, identification information, and standards. In the future the site will document the projects that NTVPF grants have funded.
New York State Council for the Arts (NYSCA):
NYSCA is a New York State funding agency that provides support for artists as well as nonprofit and cultural arts organizations through a variety of grants.
The Electronic Media and Film Program: Financial support for programs in film, video, sound, and new media. While not specifically earmarked for preservation, the guidelines do allow for a variety of activities that would engage the public in media arts.
New York State Library:
The Discretionary Grant Program: Funding for New York State agencies (libraries, archives, etc.) for preservation activities.
New York Women in Film & Television (NYWIFT):
The Women’s Film Preservation Fund is dedicated to the preservation and restoration of films in which women held significant creative positions. Guidelines for the grant can be found on the web site.
The Recording Academy: www.
In addition to being responsible for the Grammy Awards, the Recording Academy works to support, preserve, and provide access to music through educational and charitable programs.
The Recording Academy Grant Program: Organizations and individuals can apply for grants in support of preserving and archiving American music.
Rockefeller Foundation:
The Rockefeller Foundation supports programs around the world that not only work to ensure the survival of excluded peoples and communities, but also to enhance their lives.
Competitive Programs In Creativity & Culture:
These grants are designed to develop projects that, through preservation and access to traditional artistic expression, reach culturally underserved individuals and communities.


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