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Step 03: Title and Intellectual Description (cont'd)


Alternate Titles - Series Title - List of Titles on Reel

Alternate Titles

If work is also known under a different title, put it here.

Also, if the work is known by variants of a single title, use this field.
For example: Two marches, 2 marches

This is a repeatable field up to a total of three times.

Series Title

If the work is part of a series, the full title of the series should be placed in this field. A series is a group of separate works that are related to each other, but which have their own separate titles as well as the series title. This field is not used for television series for which the episode title would be meaningless or ambiguous without the series title.

For the Stan Brakhage film 23rd Psalm Branch, which is number 23 in the series Songs:
Title 23rd psalm branch
Series Title Songs
General Note 23rd Psalm Branch is number 23 in the Song series. It is in two parts, designated Part I and Part II, on two separate reels. Part I is 44 min. at 18 fps and Part II is 41 min. at 18 fps.

For the Mary Tyler Moore Show, episode number 233, Chuckles Bites the Dust, do not use the Series Title field:
Title Mary Tyler Moore: Chuckles bites the dust
General Note Episode no. 233

List of Titles on Reel

This field is used for listing all the titles of works on a compilation tape. It can also be used for a work that has named parts.


For a work with named and numbered parts:
1. Prologue - 2. The Swearing-in of Chief Bouza - 3. Part-time ladies etc.

(Note for the above example, you would put the title of the entire work - in this case, Homosexual desire in Minnesota - in the Title field [see above].)

For a compilation tape of several complete works:

Boogie 2 - Network - Window, etc.

Each name is separated by [space][dash][space].



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