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Step 09: Intellectual Access


Names of Main Contributors - Corporate Names

Names of Main Contributors

This field is used for people who had creative input into the work. Names that appear above in the Main Credits and Additional Credits fields .

The information should be in the form: Last name, first name, dates if known ; function.

Warhol, Andy, 1928 -; filmmaker.

Names should be entered last name, first name. The Library of Congress has established authoritative versions of millions of historical names and also contemporary names. The more recent names tend to be people who have published books or have books written about them, so many people you would like to cite will not be listed in the Name Authority. If you use names that are not in the Name Authority be consistent and use the same forms every time.

This is a repeatable field. It can be repeated as many times as necessary.

Corporate Names

This field is used for names of entities that had creative input.

Experimental Television Center (Media Arts Center, Owego, NY); producer.
WGBH (Television station: Boston, MA); producer

This is a repeatable field. It can be repeated as many times as necessary.


The Template contains an extensive list of Genre Terms in a pop-up menu. This list is derived from a list created by the Library of Congress. Terms for Experimental Film are listed first, followed by a more general list. However, there is no standard genre list for alternative forms of video. You can choose one or more terms from the pop-up menu or continue to use your local terms. If you use local terms, be consistent.

For a more complete explanation of Genre Terms and for definitions of individual terms, see



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