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Step 04: Intellectual Description (cont'd)


Main Credits - Additional Credits - Participants/Performers

Main Credits

In this field, name the people most responsible for the creation of the tape and, if you have that information, the role they played in that creation.

The names of people who can be designated by the functions videomaker, filmmaker, producer, director, writer, and/or animator should be listed in this field.

Credits should be taken from what appears on screen, if possible. If you are not able to view the tape to catalog, use information from the tape label and the tape box. Credits should be separated by [space] ; [space]. The order of credits should be: production company, producer, director, writer, animator (if applicable). Only names are capitalized.

Note: Performers do not appear in this field.

In many cases, only a name will appear on the tape without designation of a particular function. If you are fairly certain that this is a person having creative responsibility for the tape, put that person's name in this field.

For example: William Wegman

If only a name appears on screen or on the tape label, but the person's role is clear, then the cataloger can assign a role in square brackets:

For example: William Wegman [videomaker]

If you have more extensive information, you should put that in this field.

For example: produced by Christine Vachon ; director, Todd Haynes ; written by V. S. Naipaul.

Additional Credits

Any additional credits should be placed in this field. This would include, but not be limited to, the editor, cinematographer, and composer.

Use the same rules as for the Main Credits field.


Use this field to list any performers and/or participants in the work.

For example:
    Bette Davis (Margot Channing)
    Yvonne Rainer (dancer)



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