The resources below are designed to provide further information about the issues raised in the Archiving the Arts case studies. Some will be of use to artists hoping to learn more about archival practices; others, to archivists hoping to learn more about the specific needs of preserving media-based artworks.


Independent Media Arts Preservation (IMAP) serves the caretakers of media collections by providing information resources to help preserve our cultural heritage. IMAP offers innovative solutions through information sharing, continuing education and networking opportunities.

AMIA (Association of Moving Image Archivists)
AMIA is the largest organization devoted to archiving and preserving film, video, and digital media. Its members include representatives from institutions of every kind, along with individual artists and filmmakers.

Electronic Media Group, American Institute for Conservation
The Electronic Media Group (EMG) of the American Institute for Conservation focuses on the conservation of artist-created media. It has a two-fold mission: "(1) to preserve electronic art, electronic-based cultural materials and tools of its creation; and (2) to provide a means for conservators and related professionals to develop and maintain knowledge of relevant new media and emerging technologies."

Its biennial publication is the Electronic Media Review.

EMG's bibliography of articles and web resources gives a detailed overview of the field of media art preservation in the years since its founding.

VoCA is dedicated to "developing knowledge through collaborations between artists, art professionals and collectors that will ensure the preservation of contemporary art and provide educational programs." A primary project of VoCA is its focus on artist interviews as an essential documentation tool.


AV Compass
AV Compass is a comprehensive toolkit for archiving audiovisual material: "Intended for use by individuals and organizations alike, AV Compass features step-by-step educational videos, PDF guides and a simple, easy-to-use tool for creating accurate inventories."

A/V Artifact Atlas
The A/V Artifact Atlas is an online community-based tool that provides visual documentation of various visual errors in analog video, explaining their causes in order to suggest possible solutions.

QC Tools
"QCTools (Quality Control Tools for Video Preservation) is a free and open source software tool that helps users analyze and understand their digitized video files through use of audiovisual analytics and filtering."

MediaSCORE and MediaRIVERS
A free tool for the prioritization of media preservation, developed by Indiana University and AVPreserve. It allows for the assessment of factors such as format obsolescence, degradation, and other risk factors for media collections.

Open Reel Audio Duration Calculator
A tool that calculates the duration of 1/4" audiotapes, an essential factor in calculating preservation timelines and budgets.

Film Preservation Guide
The Film Preservation Guide of the National Film Preservation Foundation is the most succinct and user-friendly guide to film preservation available on the web.

The NFPF website also provides information about grants for film preservation.

VideoPreservation Website
This website provides detailed information about conserving analog video via digitization: "…to encourage the preservation of historic video using the mature technology of digital capture to create individual video files."

Digitizing Video for Long-Term Preservation
Aimed at institutions or individuals who will be using a vendor to digitize analog video material, this paper provides detailed and concrete information about how to create an RFP for vendors, and in the process, about how to organize collection information for digitization projects.


Variable Media Initiative
The Variable Media Initiative was one of the earliest and most substantial initiatives designed to explore and support the conservation of variable installation art, including media works.

Its publication, Permanence Through Change, is an essential publication in the field, and describes the basic principles of conserving artworks that will need to undergo some degree of change in order to remain viable.

EAI Online Resource Guide for Exhibiting, Collecting & Preserving Media Art
EAI's Online Resource Guide for Exhibiting, Collecting & Preserving Media Art addresses key issues and brings together information on current practices and critical dialogue relating to single-channel video, computer-based art and media installation.

TechFocus is a series of intensive workshops organized by the Electronic Media Group of AIC. Each focuses on a specific technology used in creation and exhibition of media art. Participants are given specific technical training and learn to understand the ways in which different technologies impact the care and disposal of media works.

Video from the first two workshops is currently available at the links below.

TECHFOCUS I: Caring for Video Art (2010)

TECHFOCUS II: Caring for Film and Slide Art (2012)

TECHFOCUS III: Caring for Digital Art (2015)

Personal Digital Archiving
Although it is nominally aimed broadly at individuals, this website provides valuable, real-world advice about the preservation and maintenance of born-digital media that is of interest to artists as well as non-artists.